Used Safes

We are always on the lookout for previously owned safes. Our technicians are expertly trained on the safe opening, handling and refurbishing of used and antique safes. If you need the quality but are on a budget, our used safe selection is not a compromise – it’s a deal!

See below for our current selection, but remember that we are always finding new gems to give new life to. Call us anytime to see what’s coming available or if you have specific needs met that don’t seem to be covered here. You never know what we’ll find next.

US 006
US 006
Class 3 ULTL 30 Safe
US 013 – Class 3 ULTL 30 Safe
Gardex Fire Safe
US 055 – Gardex Fire Safe

Check back often to see what’s new, or contact us to let us know what you are looking for.